Revision to Rules and Regulations of Spruce Creek Fly-In Community
approved by Board of Directors 1/13/2009.  Click here to download PDF version.



"Vehicle" - any vehicle including without limitation, mopeds, go-peds (motorized skateboard), go-carts, golf carts, bicycles, skateboards, ATV's, motorized scooters or similar vehicles regardless of whether such are licensed by the State of Florida.


1. No motorized vehicle shall be driven in Spruce Creek on any road, taxiway or other commonly owned property unless the vehicle is insured for third party liability, has brakes, a mirror and if used at night headlights and taillights. A golf cart at night in addition must have brake lights, turn signals, and windshield.

2. The minimum age for a driver of a motorized vehicle, which is regulated by Florida Statutes on public rights of way (i.e. all motorized vehicles except for golf carts, scooters or mopeds under 5 brake horse power) not accompanied by a qualified adult is sixteen (16) years.

3. Persons between 14 and 16 years of age may, in accordance with other rules and regulations, operate golf carts or motorized scooters or mopeds under 5 brake horsepower with the permission of their parent or guardian. Persons under age 14 are not  authorized to operate any motorized vehicles on common property including all roads and taxiways.

4. Go-carts, and similar low profile motor vehicles, because of the difficulty of seeing them from all other vehicles, and ATV's and off road vehicles are considered unsafe on all common use roads, paths and taxiways and are prohibited. It is recommended that low profile bicycles display a warning flag not less than 6 feet high above ground level.

5. When calling for a wrecker/tow truck service or a locksmith, please call the gate and advise the guard of the name of the company called and nature of service. North Gate 756-6125, South Gate 756-3719.

6. Between the hours of 7 AM and 7 PM there is no need to call the gate to advise the guard you are expecting a guest for a day. If the guest is going to stay more than one (1) day, request an extended pass for your guest. However, after 7 PM you must call the gate for anyone coming to your home.

7. Commercial vehicles, semi-trailers and motor homes are prohibited from using the North Gate Entrance. The North gate entry bridge has a load limit of 10 tons. Prohibited vehicles must use the South Gate on Airport Road.

Approved SCPOA Board
January 13, 2009 Board meeting