Cessna Repaving Update

Today marks the end of the 3rd week of our paving project. The weather has been kind to us overall, and we are on schedule. This morning I met with the paving vendor and the General Contractor and they are both in agreement - baring any weather set backs, Phase One will be complete by next Friday, August 30, 2019. Remember - they both agree - heavy rains will set us back, but if this current weather pattern continues, we should be complete at the end of week four which will be one week from today. The actual prep work is almost complete and the paving will begin this Monday morning.
PILOTS - what does this mean to you? First and foremost, thank you all for continuing to cooperate with us though this project. I know you can't wait to have your planes back in your hangars out of the weather and return to a normal life. We still have several weeks ahead as we think about Phase Two and Phase Three, but for those affected by Phase One, we are close to getting your "flying" life back to normal. 
The plan is that one week from today, August 30, the construction crews will complete the paving portion of Phase One. They will try to get some striping done, but probably won't be complete, and maybe it won't even get started. BUT, they will still open up East Cessna and let the aircraft traffic at the east end of Cessna return to their homes and East Cessna will remain open from that day forward. We will be doing some striping, so please beware and look out for that striping crew as they finish the job. But we want to get Phase One open to get your lives back to normal. 
Late Friday night, August 30, the barriers will come down and the entire Cessna taxiway will again be open for the 3-day Labor Day weekend. During this 3-day weekend you are free to bring your planes back to your homes and hangars at the east end of Cessna. Also, during that 3-day weekend, we ask all of the aircraft at the WESTend of Cessna in the transient parking area to remove your planes no later than Monday, September 2. This will include any aircraft in the Hawks Nest hangars that have found temporary parking  to use during Phase Two. Remember - during Phase Two, all access via taxiway West Cessna will be cut off into Hawks Nest. On Tuesday morning, September 3, Phase Two will begin and the barricades will go up around that portion of the project. PLEASE HAVE YOUR AIRCRAFT REMOVED so we don't have to find you and hold up our progress. Aircraft stored in the Piper Hangars will still be able to come and go via Beech over to the runway. During Phase Two, taxiway Hotel will be closed so you will need to back taxi if departing on runway 6. Or, go to the end of Lima, then across the runway and back up Lindy Loop to get to the departure end of 6. PLEASE USE EXTREME CAUTION IF USING THE BACK-TAXI procedures! Use your new CTAF of 122.725 and listen to the other aircraft.
The above is the plan and as I keep saying - these plans can change for an assortment of reasons. If we see that there is going to be a change, I will get the word out quickly. BUT FOR NOW - the above is the plan.
Again, thank you to all who have helped to make this first phase a success. In-Flight Hangar group, Aces Alley Hangar group and the Hawks Nest group with Taxiway Tony - many, many thanks. We could not have been successful without your cooperation. You opening up these areas has been a true key to this all working out and we are so grateful. Last week I thanked Paul Brevard, John Ferguson and Jeff Edwards for their assistance as they have been a huge help with this. I then noticed all these tents spread around where the flagmen were standing in the heat and had to ask - who put those up? The answer was Mr. Sal Devincenzo erected those tents so these flagmen and women would not have to stand out there in the intense heat. Thank you Sal - a very nice gesture on your part!! To all of the businesses up and down Cessna and Beech, - thank you for your understanding. I know some of you probably lost some business through this process, but in one more week - life will go back to normal for all of you as well.
I have to mention one more time - please remain clear of the construction zones. We have residents still walking through the area, and this morning 3 people were just plain rude to the contractor's team asking them to please leave the working zone - unbelievable, but true. I want to thank the other 99.9% who have fully cooperated with us, greatly appreciated.
That's the update. I wish you a great weekend!
Randy Newby
General Manager



July Update Magazine Now Online

Update MagazineThis month's issue of the Update Magazine is now available online for Spruce Creek Residents. 

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Spruce Creek Support Service 

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Credit Card Usage Policy Change

NOTICE – Due to the low usage of our credit card account, (19 transactions in 2017), the POA Board of Directors has voted to close the account. The costs to maintain the account and all related expenses year round has made it cost prohibitive to offer this form of payment going forward. Thank you and understand we continue to control expenses to maintain the lowest assessment fees possible.