Spruce Creek Community Emergency Response Team (SC C.E.R.T.) 

The goal of SC C.E.R.T. is to provide a positive and realistic approach to potential emergency and disaster situations, where Spruce Creek residents may initially be on their own before local emergency management services kick in.  

All C.E.R.T. meetings are open to all members of the Spruce Creek Community.  

To view committee meeting minutes, please click here.  To access meeting minutes, you will need the user name and password to  as it appears in the current issue of Update Magazine.

CERT Committee Members

Candy Kirch - Committee Chair
Dan Black
Don Eller
Bud Harter
Nancy Hoyt
Ann Lowman
Deborah Mars
Betsy Turner
Melissa Wilson

CERT Manager
Candy Kirch

POA Board Members On The CERT Committee
Mike Kelly

Updated February 2019