This Week's SC-TV Listings Now Available!

Click here to see the latest listings on SC-TV.
If you are having trouble receiving Channel 732 and have Bright House, you
may need a digital adapter. If you have any questions please call Bright House at 1-855-354-9826 or visit one of the Bright House Networks Customer Care centers.


SC-TV is a closed circuit TV channel that transmits through Bright House and is only available to the Spruce Creek Fly-In Community on channel 732.  

Currently, if you have AT&T or Dish Network, you are not able to view our SC-TV via a television set. However you can still view the information by coming to this website and clicking on the SC-TV link at the top of the menu bar.

Once a week (usually on Friday) a backup of the SC-TV listings is made and posted on this website.   The information on the website is not completely up-to-date as we are continually making changes.  Only Channel 732 has the most up-to-date and current information.

The “SC-TV Advertising Request Form” is available online of at the office, which is to be completed with the information that you want us to include on our program.  A copy of the “Current Guidelines for use of SC-TV” is also available which explains what can and cannot be advertised.  
We have sections for the following type of advertising:  
  • Classified
  • Lost and Found
  • Country Club
  • Aviation News
  • Aviation Classified
  • Community
  • Spruce Creek Property Owners’ Association messages.