This Week's SC-TV Listings Now Available!

Click here to see the latest listings on SC-TV.
If you are having trouble receiving Channel 732 and have Bright House, you
may need a digital adapter. If you have any questions please call Bright House at 1-855-354-9826 or visit one of the Bright House Networks Customer Care centers.


Volunteer SC-TV “Team” Mary Colgan, Carol Foley, Carole Hare, Peggy BlackWe are a team of four women who manage the PowerPoint Program daily from the SCPOA Office (a closed circuit TV channel) that transmits through Bright House and is only available to the Spruce Creek Fly-In Community on channel 732.  

Currently, if you have AT&T or Dish Network, you are not able to view our PowerPoint Program via a television set.  However you can still view the information by coming to this website and clicking on the SCTV link at the top of the menu bar.

Once a week (usually on Friday) a backup of the SC-TV listings is made and posted on this website.   The information on the website is not completely up-to-date as we are continually making changes.  Only Channel 732 has the most up-to-date and current information.

The “SC-TV Advertising Request Form” is available online of at the office, which is to be completed with the information that you want us to include on our program.  A copy of the “Current Guidelines for use of SC-TV” is also available which explains what can and cannot be advertised.  
We have sections for the following type of advertising:  
  • Classified
  • Lost and Found
  • Country Club
  • Aviation News
  • Aviation Classified
  • Community
  • Spruce Creek Property Owners’ Association messages.
One of the volunteers goes to the office every weekday and includes any information that has been received. Volunteers are always welcome.  You must be computer literate and be familiar with the Microsoft PowerPoint Program.  Contact the Office with your name and phone number if you are willing to volunteer.  You will be contacted by our Coordinator.