Airport Authority Committee

The Spruce Creek Airport Authority Committee (AAC) consists of seven members and is appointed by, and reports to, the POA Board.  This committee is tasked with managing the daily operations of the airport and developing and implementing operational and safety procedures consistent with all local, state and federal regulations governing aviation.

The AAC meets on the first Wednesday of every month at 4 PM in the POA conference room. These meetings are always open to the entire community.

Members serve two year terms and may be re-appointed once, for a total of four years.

The makeup of this committee is very specific. At least:

  • Five members must be licensed  pilots.
  • Three members must be owners of taxiway homes.
  • Two members must be owners of residential lots not located on a taxiway.
  • One member must own or represent a commercial lot. 
Reporting to the committee is the Airport Manager (at the present time we also have an Assistant Airport Manager). This team  provides the community with considerable involvement and airport coverage for operational and safety considerations.


Airport Manager

Joe Friend

Assistant Managers
Mark Troiano
Todd Stefaniak 

Airport Committee Members
Tony Crawford - Chair
David Baldwin
Mike Farley
Marcia Gitelman
John Foster
Ken Garguilo
Dave Reynolds

POA Board Members Representative for the Airport Committee
Jeff Edwards

Updated February, 2019