Public Works Committee

Public Works Committee meets every Monday 9:30 AM POA Office

The PWC is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure (roads & right of ways, storm water drainage, street signage, taxiways and signage, play ground, and all other common areas) of the Spruce Creek Properties. This involves reviewing these improvements for continuing maintenance or to determine their longevity to plan for future repair and/or replacement. It also involves examining the existing plant and plan for new improvements or modifications as conditions and technology suggests.

The members are from a wide variety of backgrounds and each having unique abilities in engineering, construction, purchasing, technology and management.

Please click here to see the Public Works Committee Charter.


Public Works Committee Members

Dianne Moore - Committee Chair
Jim Stewart- Committee co-chair
Alan Baltz
Brent Canup
Judy Ford
Jim Stewart
John Zehalka

POA Board Members On the Public Works Committee
Dianne Moore

Updated February 2019