Country Club Drive Repair

As you hopefully know by now, a major paving project will begin Wednesday, 7/31/19 on Taxiways Cessna and Beech. There will be multiple weeks of heavy trucks in and out of our community and they will be entering through the south gate. They will proceed up Country Club Blvd to Seclusion and then over to the Cessna/Beech area. Due to the heavy load these trucks will place on our roads, we need to make a repair to a cracked pipe underneath Country Club Drive prior to the paving project start date. The repair will create the need to dig up the road all the way across Country Club Drive in one area - and that is directly in front of 2088 Country Club Drive.

Therefore, please take note that this Monday morning - July 15, 2019 through Thursday morning, July 18, 2019, Country Club Drive will be closed from 2088 Country Club Drive (just south of Malibu Court) to Country Club Drive. This is less than a block long. If this southern portion of Country Club Drive is part of your daily travels, you will need to go around and come down the other end of Country Club Drive. We apologize for the inconvenience we know this will cause, but this work has to take place prior to the start of the paving project at month's end.

I have attached a map that will show you exactly where the road work will occur, and where the road will be blocked off.

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